21 augustus – 22 augustus 2020
10:00 – 16:30


Noord IJsselkade 6, 3421 BD Oudewater Nederland
In het atelier van Tulip Graphics

45 euro p.p. per workshop
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Hanga Land
Yuriko Miyoshi

5 augustus 2020

Workshop Japanese papermaking 21, 22 August 2020

Workshop Washi, Japanese papermaking
Lecture + demonstration + workshop (papermaking)
By Japanese printmaker Yuriko Miyoshi

Anyone is welcome. It can be interesting for you to compare the fibres to Japanese Kozo from different area and other fibers from mulberry you may have, cotton or plup. I can also show the different stages of Japanese Kozo (see a photo). You can see also the several test prints of etching plate on different Japanese papers.
* A child under 12 years old age can join as free of charge but need to be accompanied by an adult who is registered for this workshop.

In the atelier of Tulip Graphics of Dr. Ad Stijnman (printmaker, print technique historian)
Noord IJsselkade 6, 3421 BD Oudewater, Nederland

Friday 21 August 2020
(A) ———————
(B) 14:00-16:30+
Saturday 22 August 2020
(C) 10:00-12:30+
(D) 14:00-16:30+

Maximum number of participants now 2-3 per workshop according to current measures. You can also ask your possible date and time. We will try to arrange it for you. If you like to more, a private workshop (3 hours-) as 65 euro is also possible.

45 euro per person including material, BTW plus valuable Fuku-bukuro.
Including material costs such as Japanese Kozo (paper mulberry), Gampi (Diplomorpha sikokiana) and cotton pulp, use of tools for papermaking (wooden frame and screen) and BTW.
Every participant receives a precious Fuku-bukuro (= Japanese lucky bag); Washi samples and an original Japanese “AMABIE” woodcut print on Washi.

How to participate?
As your registration, please send your message including your name, age, address and mobile number to Yuriko Miyoshi.
Don’t forget to mention the date and what time you want to participate.
After your registration, you will receive an email with the information for this workshop and an invoice with the bank account for the payment.

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