Agenda Workshop Japanese Woodcut on 27 September 2018



27 september 2018
10:30 – 17:30


Studio of Ai Hashimoto
See Lab, Duinstraat 55
2584 AW Den Haag

100 euro p.p.
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Hanga Land
Yuriko Miyoshi

13 september 2018

Workshop Japanese Woodcut on 27 September 2018

Japanese Woodcut / Moku-Hanga Workshop
lecture + demonstration + workshop (3 steps) + tea/coffee
by Japanese printmaker Yuriko Miyoshi

Under the guidance of the Japanese artist Yuriko Miyoshi you learn how to put your design on a wooden plate, cut it with woodcut knives and more…., learn how to make printing inks by yourself and afterwards you will print this woodcut with Baren (traditional printing disc) on Japanese paper, as the tradition will.

Studio of Ai Hashimoto, Japanese artist
See Lab, Duinstraat 55, 2584 AW Den Haag The Netherlands

Thursday 27 September 2018, 10:30 until 17:30

100 euro p.p. Including materials, miniflyer, drinks and TAX plus Fukubukuro (=Japanese Lucky Bag) with an original Hanga (=print work).
* You don’t need to bring any tools and materials but bring your lunch by yourself.

Maximum number of participants 6, minimum 4.
As your registration, please send your message including your name, age, address and mobile number to Yuriko Miyoshi.
Your data will only be used for communication with you and for invoicing, and will not be shared with third parties without your prior consent.

An introduction workshop for the Moku-Hanga technique, also known as Ukiyo-e, “prints of the floating world” is a form of woodcut from Japan that became popular in Europe from the 1860s. There are three steps in the process of making Ukiyo-e: E-shi (the artist), Hori-shi (the woodcarver) and Suri-shi (the printer).

We first start with a presentation about the Japanese woodcut, the making process, the materials and the tools. You can see some original historical Japanese woodcut prints.
Next we will see the demonstration using ready made plates with beautiful Japanese classic designs as Suri-shi to try to print the woodcut plates.

We do this with color ink and Yamato Nori (non-toxic glue) on water-base using horsehair brushes and onto Japanese paper with the Baren. A Baren is a Japanese traditional instrument that is used instead of a printing press. All this together is the most suitable for making this kind of print works.
First you make your design as E-shi and transfer it onto a wooden plate, next with knives you carve as Hori-shi. The last step as Suri-shi, you make printing inks and afterwards you print this woodcut with a Baren and on different Japanese papers. You can also learn which Japanese papers are suitable for your way.

In this workshop, you can get a chance to see the special collections of Dr. Ad Stijnman who is a printmaker and print historian. You can compare the print techniques between etching/engraving, lithography and woodcut prints.

Images from the one day Workshop in Aarschot, BE
Images from the printing Workshop in Groningen, NL

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    • Yes! Send your message including your name, age, address and mobile number to Yuriko Miyoshi .
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