13 juli 2024
13:30 – 16:30


In het atelier van Tulip Graphics (Noord IJsselkade 6, 3421 BD Oudewater)

€ 45 per person (3 hours)
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Hanga Land
Yuriko Miyoshi

12 juni 2024

Workshop Washi, Japanese papermaking on Saturday 13 July

Washi, Japanese Papermaking
to know more about Washi
Lecture + Demonstration + Workshop

Let’s make your paper using Japanese Kozo.
And because we want you to know the difference in quality of washi paper, we also offer special gampi raw materials. I would like to introduce you who might be interested in Japan or Washi the difference between the traditional Japanese manner and western manner of papermaking.

The traditional method of Japanese papermaking, preparing Kozo bark for cooking, cleaning, beating the fiber and papermaking to drying, is different from the European way. During this short workshop we do not have time for processing plant fiber ourselves. In the simple demo, I introduce the real materials and this process. The materials and tools are also different. With the Japanese tools, you can have an experience to make your own special paper simply.

Saturday 13 July 2024
Sunday 14 July 2024
13:30-14:30* + 14:30-16:30 (3 hours)
* Lecture + coffee / tea

Where? In the atelier of Tulip Graphics in Oudewater NL

Price? € 45 per person (3 hours)
Including material plus an original Japanese print (etching or woodcut) on Washi.
(A child under 12 years old age can join as free accompanied by an adult who is registered for this workshop.)

How to participate? As your registration, please send your message including your name, age, address and mobile number to Yuriko Miyoshi.

Info about Workshop Washi.

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