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5 juli 2021

26 Ex-Librissen door Paes Ferreira uit Portugal

26 Ex-Librissen door Paes Ferreira uit Portugal
Vrijwel allemaal etsen. 1 gesigneers en 1 gesigneerd en genummerd.

António Paes Ferreira’s work as an engraver of bookplates is quite outstanding. The artist engraved his first bookplate in 1950. An engraver at the Bank of Portugal for many years, Paes Ferreira became well-known to bookplate lovers with his engraved bookplates upon drawings made by that great illuminist – Master António Lima, some of which heraldic.

In the past five decades Paes Ferreira engraved in steel or copper, bookplates drawn by some of the best Portuguese heraldic artists: Luís Ferros, J. Paulo Abreu e Lima and J. Bénard Guedes amongst others, His outstanding work in the field of bookplate engraving took him to the I volume of «Bookplate Artists», published by F.I.S.A.E. (the International Federation of Bookplate Societies and Associations), for the International Bookplate Congress, held in Italy , back in 1968.

Since then, his bookplates are represented in many European publications, published by Bookplate Societies.(Bron: bookplate.info)

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