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Prijs: € 1000

Ophalen in: brussels

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L'appât ASBL
Contactpersoon: QUENTIN pillot

29 augustus 2022

Heidelberg windmill platine press (redball) for sale

We’re a smallpress studio based in Brussels, and we sell our Heidelberg windmill press (redball).

The price we ask is € 1000 (latest model from the company), the machine is in very good shape despite a small part that is pointed in the pictures attached, which can be replaced easily.

The printing register is perfect, there is a lot of furniture that goes with it such as, rollers, frames inks, small tools, manuals, die-cut plate…

1 gedachte over “Heidelberg windmill platine press (redball) for sale”

  1. Hi,
    I’m a teacher Printing (graphic arts study) at Campus MAX STEM in Tessenderlo. We ‘re looking for a press like this one. The electric motor of our windmill press has burnt out. Maybe you have an extra motor?
    Or maybe you feel generous and want to donate this press to our school 😉

    Kind Regards


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