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Contactpersoon: Audibert David

16 juli 2021

Korrex, Hauer, Vandercook, Fag

Nous sommes un atelier graphique associatif basé dans le sud de la France et nous sommes à la recherche d’une presse à épreuve dans l’idéal Korrex, Vandercook, Hauer, Fag… Egalement de la typo bois. Je serais en Belgique et Hollande fin Août avec un petit camion.

2 gedachten over “Korrex, Hauer, Vandercook, Fag”

  1. Bonjour,

    pardonnez moi, mais je peut pas écrire en Français.

    But i do have a Korrex Berlin for sale in Berlin (!). Just finished cleaning it up after getting it back from my warehouse. I had no room for it in the workshop after we got another Korrex. I do not like selling any presses, but the years in the warehouse meant that I had to spend a full week just cleaning the dust and oiling everything. Some details are here: https://www.p98a.com/collection/korrex-berlin-kraft-1972, and I can send you photos of the press as it stands in our workshop right now. I was going to sell it in England, where they pay very high prices, but if you’re interested, we can discuss the price.


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