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Maes K.

26 februari 2021

Kunstenaarsuitgave, limited edition: GO, Bruce Gilden

nr 1443/3000
Nette staat, fraaie blinddruk op de cover, geen ezelsoren, niet-rokers huis. Ophalen of ik kan verzenden in beschermende verpakking met track and trace. Beschikbaar zolang het zoekertje aanwezig.

zie ook: www.brucegilden(dot)com

GO, named for one of the most intellectually challenging board games in the world, played primarily in China, Japan, and Korea by players who use black and white stones to acquire territory, Go presents Bruce Gilden’s photographic explorations of the darker side of Japan. In striking, full-page, black-and-white images, Gilden documents the brutal reality of a Japanese street. In-your-face pictures of Yakuza (mobsters), Bosozoku (members of biker gangs), and street people characters who are alternately intimidating, bloodied, tattooed, frightening, and disheveled are sporadically interspersed with manga cartoons for a revelatory glimpse at a Japan that looks nothing like its familiar image of calm, orderly, hyper-efficient perfection.

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