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K. Maes

29 november 2021

Lessebo Paper – Lessebo Design

Beschikbaar – meer dan – 1500 vel Lessebo Design 1.3 opdikkend – 90 gr – 320 × 450 mm. Houtvrij. Premium ongestreken. Papier van Zweedse makelij. Ook geschikt voor digitaal printen. Meer info op hun website lessebopaper.com. Prijs overeen te komen, mag weg tegen elk aannemelijk voorstel. Kan vermoedelijk ook verzenden …

Wat zegt Lessebo paper : )

Lessebo Design is an uncoated paper range featuring high opacity and haptical surface. The paper is made from wood-free, chlorine-free pulp (TCF) and is neutrally sized. It has a natural buffering capacity and is resistant to ageing in accordance with ISO 9706. Lessebo Design has been tested by ISEGA institute for compliance with German BfRXXXVI and is certified as safe for use in direct contact with dry and non-fatty foodstuffs. Lessebo Design is available in a large range of grammages from 70 gsm to 710 gsm.

The wide assortment of shades, surfaces and grammages is perfect to build your corporate profiling schemes from. Suggested areas of use where Lessebo Design gives an excellent result are advertising materials, text- and picture books, annual reports etc. The higher grammages are back-to-back laminated which gives extra strength to the sheet and can successfully be used for covers, boxes and high-quality paper bags.

The entire range of Lessebo Design has been produced with the environment in mind and is one of the most climate friendly paper qualities in the world. The entire range of Lessebo Design is Cradle to Cradle Certified® at Gold level. Additionally, Lessebo Design was awarded a Platinum Material Health Certificate by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

80 gsm, 90 gsm and 100 gsm are adapted for laser and approved for OCR.

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  1. Geachte heer Maes,
    Ik heb belangstelling voor dit papier. Kunt u mij een mail sturen met de uiterste prijs?
    Met vriendelijk groet
    Daan Schijffelen


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