Vraag & aanbod Trapdegel gezocht / looking for pedal press

Vraag & aanbod

Melissa Rogg

16 april 2019

Trapdegel gezocht / looking for pedal press

I‘m searching for a pedal press that can be shipped to Germany (Bavaria). I‘m willing to organise the shipping.

The printing size should be larger than 24 × 32 cm.

Gally or Boston system, with or without motor.

Thank you all!

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  1. Was wäre der Unterschied zwischen französischer und deutscher Sprache Prallhöhe schreiben? Gibt es einen Unterschied?

    • I print with a magnetic base 22mm (like on a Heidelberger Tiegel) and nylo cliché with 0.95mm depth.
      I’m not sure if the french height is the same as the german. An adjustable height would be perfect, of course 🙂

    • Dankewell for the tip – I already know Maschinensucher.de and i‘m searching there for new presses every week. The Hohner Rapid is not exaclty what I‘m looking for…

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