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6 juni 2022

Wanted: To purchase a Hohner chase

I purchased a 1979 Hohner Din A4 floor model press a couple of years ago, but it only came with one chase. I would like to purchase another chase as a back-up, if someone has one (or two) to spare. I am located in Salinas, California, and more than willing to pay a good price with extra for shipping. Thanks much.

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  1. Herbert found a chase for me that fits perfectly, and shipped it to me, with my thanks. I hope this advertisement will stay in place so that I might find another at some time in the future.

    • Hi Paul,

      The ad will stay on the site for a few months. After six months, all posts are deleted. But you could always submit a new ad…

  2. I think it will be a lot cheaper and far more convienent if you go to a local metal machineshop with the chase you have and let them make a few copies of it. It’s not rocket science and shipping costs (let alone the cost of purchasing the chase) for these kinds of relative heavy items from Europe to the US are shockingly high.

    Good luck

    • Having a machinist make a chase is also an expensive proposition, as anything machine-made with welding, &c, is charged by the hour, and wages in that field are very high. I would prefer to have an original chase, but will have one made if I should run out of time. Thanks.

    • The width of the chase is 403mm inside 381mm
      The height of the chase is 305mm inside 265mm

      The angle at the bottom is critical for lock-up, and the clamp area is particular to the press.
      I haven’t been able to check, but the press style was originally made by Heidsieck, likely pre-WWII, Hohner started making the press after the war from about 1947 to 1979, but whether chases are interchangeable is unknown. The Hohner Rapid II would have a similar looking chase, but of course it is larger.

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