Arsentij Pawlow

10 augustus 2017

Adjustment of height gauge

Dear Drukwerk in de Marge community,

Can someone please give me the advice how I can adjust this height gauge? I know how to set the big black pointer. But how can I set the small red pointer to zero?

I am grateful for every reply.

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  1. Zo’n maat heet een ‘kaliber’, waarmee je het apparaat ‘kalibreert’. The measure that is mentioned is a ‘caliber’, used to ‘calibrate’ your tool. Often a set of different heights come with the machines. Sometimes with only the caliber of the desired height.

    • Thank you for your response. But I have another problem. I know what the device is and how I usually have to calibrate this. But when I got that gauge it was disguised and no matter what I do I get the red pointer not to zero. I have the watch apart and it seems that the taster is connected with a drawbar with the pointer. So maybe I can adjust it this way. But maybe there is another possibility to put the red pointer to Zero.

      Best regards Pawlow

  2. Voor elke gewenste hoogte moet je een ” eindmaat ” hebben van deze gewenste hoogte, dit is een rond staafje met de correcte lengte, de uiteindes perfect afgewerkt. Dit wordt onder de meetstift geplaatst waarbij de meetklok op “0” ingesteld wordt.

  3. If that indicator dial (clock) works like those for my machine tools, then the red pointer is not adjustable on its own. Under normal circumstances the red pointer will move to indicate the number of times the black indicator has gone around the dial. This means the black pointer is reading in 100ths of a millimeter (I can just make that out in one of your photos) and the red pointer is counting if full millimeters. This gives that clock an indicating (measuring) range of 10 mm

  4. you might look at: or: here is explained German/French type height. 1 point Didot = 0,357 mm

    There are big differences: Belgium: .932 inch = 23,70 mm Bulgaria: .936 inch

    Denmark .982, .986, .987 inch England, VS, Canada: .918 inch = 23,31 mm

    Italië: .987 inch France, Germany, Swedeb, Swiss, Poland: .928 inch = 23,57 mm

    Dutch Stateprintery 932 inch = 23,70 mm Belgium height

    The Netherlands = .9785 inch = 25,08 mm

    Under the sensor a block of the desired height is placed, and the clock must be adjusted in such a way, that the indicator points to zero.

    • Thank you for your quick response. But this is just my problem, how can I adjust the clock. Below is a screw with which I can adjust the black pointer. But how can I adjust the red pointer?

      best regards

      Arsentij Pawlow

    • The German/French type high is 23,56 mm and 1 Didot punkt (not point) = 0,376 mm

      Gott grüß die Kunst

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