9 juni 2017

Liberty Works Americana No. 8 – Problem with Roller Saddle making contact with a bolt on the press

I have been trying to figure this out for a very long time. I think it is a roller issue. I contacted NA Graphics, and he simply stopped responding to my emails.

My press is a Liberty Works Americana No. 8. I purchased the press in Berlin. I live in Paris. This press is scarce, so it’s been difficult to find information about it. Can someone please help me identify the problem? If the rollers are the issue, how do I have new rollers and trucks made to fit this press?

I truly would appreciate any assistance.

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  1. Een heel late reaktie maar ja de pers is al uit 1880 dus een jaartje meer of minder…

    De afstelling van de aandrijving (hendel) verstellen zodat de hendel in een lagere stand komt. Zie aansluiting op de pers.
    Spie verwijderen, lager stellen, spie weer plaatsen, evt hiervoor nieuw gat boren.
    Komt door slijtage. Goed opletten dat ook de druk goed komt er zit een nok tbv de aanslag.
    Nu zal hij niet meer iets aan de pers raken.

  2. Good day! I wanted to thank all of you for the information and help. With your advice and Marc Vleugels help, I believe it’s the rollers and trucks.

    Thank you and have a lovely weekend.



  3. Hello Marc und Karl,

    I had a delay because my name is the most common British name; therefore I am consistently locked out of my emails from false einloggen. I would like to fix this problem as soon as possible. Karl, do you have any photos? Marc, my email address is

    Kind regards … mit freundlichen Grüße.


  4. I have 2 Boston presses from Weiler, No.7 and No.8. Both work well. In your machine, the error is the screw with nut. On my machines the connecting rod has a thread and no nut. The space between saddle and screw is then available.

    Gruß aus Deutschland

    • Hello Chris,

      I believe your bearing-rollers are not original and too wide. I made two photo’s as your second picture of my LMW no8 and my Weiler no8. If you send me an email-address I can send them to you.

      Kind regards,

      Marc Vleugels

    • Thank you for this information! This is very helpful. I just figured out how to reply to each response. 🙂

  5. Jozias, I believe this is the problem. The bolts are original. I don’t think the rollers fit properly. There are notches on one side of each roller. The trucks fit properly.

  6. Just looking at your pictures I might say several things:

    – Are the bearing-rollers (the rollers next to your ink-rollers) placed in the right way? Do they have a slot which should fit in a notch on the inkroller? If everything is original, there would be no problem. If one of them is not original (so there is no slot, but still a notch) the distance created between bearing-roller and inkroller would be a few millimeters to wide. Creating the place for the bolt-collision.

    – Is the bolt original? Would it have been replaced with a larger one?

    – Wear. The bearings of the arm and other moveable parts have widened out, creating a false angle.

    These bearings are often bronze cylinder shaped pieces, which your local metal-worker could remake and replace.

    Good luck!


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