Adil Jaffer

10 oktober 2021

Stickers/etiketten printen advies nodig

We are a small print collective in Amsterdam wanting to print stickers, can anyone advise a good machine we can use? Shall we just buy something to print on A4 label sheets and cut them? Or is it worth getting an Epson inkjet label printer? Maybe a Primera machine which also cuts the countour shapes?

We are hoping to print full colour, on gloss or matt. We can either print on roll or sheets and then cut – but will consider what is cheapest or easiest to work with. Our budget is less than € 5000 for equipment. Printing size up to A6, or a bit smaller is fine. We think we need to print sometimes 1000-3000 stickers at a time.

We have tried using our Risoprinter to make stickers but this is too costly and has too many errors.

Any advice appreciated. The printing needs to be water safe and if it’s ecologically friendly, that is best.

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