21 oktober 2023

Vanderborght & Dumont Pedal press

Does anyone here know anything about this press made by Vanderborght & Dumont, Bruxelles?
All pictures here:

I can not find any information of reference pictures of this press. I have only found information about Vanderborght & Dumont themselves and the type foundry they ran:

Is this a good press? I currently own a Hogenforst Boston-Tiegeldruckpresse “Stabil” II and in need of a larger press that can print with more power for letterpress work but also decorative debossing and embossing work on A5 paper sizes for my little stationary business that I am starting.

It’s for sale very close, 1h from where I live and it would be a convenient purchase in that regard. It does need some TLC from what I understand. I will find out more soon. The rollers looks like they need to be replaced? What else can you find?

Thank you in advance for your input!

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  1. It’s a nice press, and the condition doesn’t seem too bad (apart from the ink rollers). However, for the sort of work you would like to do, I would say you’re much better off with a heavier press. A gally press like a Victoria or Monopol would be a good option. Something like this press, recently offered on our site:

    This one is still for sale, AFAIK. Transport to Sweden will probably be more expensive than the price of the press, though…

    Or maybe a Heidelberg windmill? They can be picked up quite cheaply with a bit of luck.

    • Hi Sander,
      Thank you for the advice. I will look into this. Although it might be a too expensive project for me to transport that press to Sweden. I have heard there is a Victoria press in my area too, but it needs new rollers and a new motor.


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