Arsentij Pawlow

19 januari 2017

Gilding press

Dear Drukwerkindemarge community,

Can you help me to find out some technical information about this gilding press?

The previous owner of this press said to me, it had some steam heating system for its platen. I would like to try heating this press by steam. But I can not find any information about heating gilding press with steam. Maybe somebody of you have already gained experience in this segment.

I am grateful for any information.

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  1. Steam heating is not uncommon in wood heat laminating, so it could be that such as system was adapted to foil machines. The Krause heat presses we have had either gas burners, or electric heating (though I think they were adapted to electricity). We have a heat press from the 1890s where the heating was done through burning coal – but this clearly is not the case with your press. Have you opened the cover? Is there anything like gas burners on the inside, or the space is empty?

    • Dear Moara, thank you for writing me,

      I could find in my catalogue of Firma “Krause” that they had in any way a steam heating system. But I couldn’t find any precise information about it. I can’t also open my platen because it welded. The second “strange thing” is, that this press seems to have two heating platen at the top and at the bottom.

      Best Regals,

      Arsentij Pawlow

  2. Dear mr. Gravemaker,

    thank you for writing me. I don’t think that my press had some gas-heated platen. Because normally they have some “gas fork”. And it doesn’t look like that. Furthermore it have some rubber hose on it pipes. I couldn’t find any precise information about it at the Krause catalogue i have. So maybe i must go to Leipzig archive.

    Best regards,

    Arsentij Pawlow

  3. It’s more likely that this press had a gas-heated platen, that was the common way to obtain the temperature needed for doing book covers. You can find more information in the Karl Krause catalogue’s that were issued by the company.


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