Noa Shafrir

12 april 2023

Board cutter repair

Hello, I am looking for someone to help me fix my second hand board cutter.
It does not cut straight, the knife needs some adjustment.
Probably also the blade could use some sharpening.

I am from Den Haag.

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  1. Noa, in case of sharpening the knives, you need to sharpen them both, the fixed knife on de bed and the cutting (scissor) knife. Vlijm in Leiden can do that, but you must face a € 100,- + amount for this job. When I look at your picture you cutter needs a little more ‘attention’, which due to its not to robust construction will be a quite a job. Maybe you can find a workshop for metal constructions in your area, because this problem needs a professional hand.

  2. Ik laat mijn messen slijpen bij “LEITZ Service” zelfs de snij en vrijloopsnede bij grote beschadiging. Deze firma is algemeen in Europa vertegenwoordigd.
    Ik ben steeds tevreden geweest, zelfs bij “mishandelde snijmessen”

    • Thank you. They might be able to sharpen the knife but I don’t know about fixing the whole machine. I will try.

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